Rawtopian Bliss Gourmet Raw Vegan Deli is an extension of the Supreme Love and Light Natural Path Ministry of Health, a 508 corp sole non-profit organization registered in the state of South Carolina.  

Supreme Love and Light Natural Path Ministry is member-based movement and a healthy living support network of private individuals who choose to collectively support each other in the pursuit of a joyous and sickness-free life experience

supreme love and light

Our goal is to assist and support the whole health and wellness of our patrons by encouraging preventative healthcare maintenance and natural healing modalities, including but not limited to the proper use of food, herbal cleansing, stress management techniques, and spiritual practices.

We also offer education about natural alternatives to today's stressful lifestyle.  We achieve these ends through instructional demos and classes, workshops, wellness retreats, and the use of natural products/services, including our healthy meal service for those who choose prevention and health maintenance. (Please read our TERMS & CONDITIONS for further information.)

All monies given  to Supreme Love and Light Natural Path Ministry of Health are intended as gifts, donations, and freewill contributions in accordance with IRS code 950; and all such gifts, donations, and contributions do go to support the immediate maintenance and administrative needs, activities, and mission of Supreme Love and Light Natural Path Ministry, its authorized agents and facilitators.