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Are YOU Really Ready to Serve Your Creator??

Rawtopian Bliss' resident Life Coach, Vernel Edwards, the founder and visionary of Black Women's Health & Life Coach (BWHLC), always brings a wealth of knowledge on how she maintains natural wellness and balance.  Being no stranger to life challenges, Vernel has successfully overcome hyperthyroidism, sciatica, eczema, tinnitus, cold hands and feet, plantar-fasciitis of both feet and hypothyroidism.  Also being diagnosed with breast cancer over 11 years ago, her only thoughts were to correct each issue and not own them.  Through the use of vegetarianism, fruit and vegetable juicing, herbs, high-grade therapeutic essential oils, foot bath detoxification, and colonic/colema irrigation.  Each month she shares a different natural healing modality.  FREE to the community.


Presently pursuing her natural passion for life coaching, Vernel wants to help all women, but in particular she wants to assist women of color to take charge and be motivated to overcome health challenges such as diabetes, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, obesity and other issues.  She will hold a monthly forum at Rawtopian Bliss on the third (3rd) Friday of each month.  Each session will focus on a different area of body rebalancing. 

FREE to the community!!  


Later Event: May 11
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